The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Renovations

Are you looking to update your current commercial location? We can help. Embick Commercial Remodeling is your choice for all of your commercial remodeling projects. We specialize in remodeling reception areas, Dr.’s offices, waiting rooms, corporate offices, executive bathrooms, public restrooms, complete ceiling grid replacement, complete flooring replacement, break rooms and any other commercial remodel project you may have.

We are not limited to basic remodeling we are construction experts! We specialize in office space reconfigurations removing and adding walls as needed to better fit your needs. We can change an office space floor plan in just a weekend so your employees will be able to come back Monday morning and use the space as if it was there all along. We have worked in many projects where operations cannot be shut down in offices, schools, churches and retail stores. We understand that shutting down is not an option for some of our clients and we cater to their individual needs. We work quickly and safely so that you can continue to operate as normal.

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