Metal roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular for re-roofing in Florida for their longevity and proven performance. Metal roofing systems come in many different profiles, colors and even metals used in the panel itself so there is a panel that will meet your individual needs. They make metal panels with exposed fasteners as well as clip lock panels that conceal every fastener for the ultimate weatherproof experience.

When choosing a metal roofing system there are many. Metal roofs can be installed on just about any roof including some low-sloped areas where shingles and tile cannot be installed and well as roofs with multiple pitched areas. Some panels come in aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance that can even be installed on the ocean. Some systems allow the panels to be seamed in the field essentially creating one large single metal roofing panel. With so many options let us make it easy for you.

Give us a call and we can recommend a metal roof that is right for you. Did you know that some metal roofing panels actually come with an energy star rating and may qualify for energy tax rebates? Ask our Florida roofing professionals for details.

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