Tile roofs are known for their longevity and beauty. Tile roofs are extremely popular in Florida due to their unique styling and hurricane resistance. Roofing tiles are extremely durable and are 100% recyclable allowing for a “green” option for those clients who are environmentally concise.

A tile roof is only as good as its underlayment and waterproofing. Tiles on a roof serve as a decorative protectant against impact and sunlight but the heart of a good tile roof comes from the materials used. Here at Embick Enterprises, we are experienced in several different methods depending on what your specific needs are. We offer a traditional hot moped 90# felt paper, a new age self-adhered product and even an upgraded modified bitumen system.

There are several different ways to install tile. The method we use consists of installing tiles in a polymer-modified foam adhesive that goes on and expands in order to hug each tile and keep it firmly planted to the roof. The benefit to this method is that the foam is pliable and will move in the event of high winds without tearing away like cement.

Another method of install involves placing a nail or screw in every single tile on the roof. We do not install using this method. The reason we use foam over nailing is for two reasons. The foam acts as a support to the tiles and when they are walked on hold up to cleaning where a nailed tile roof tends to break and move since there is nothing supporting the actual tile. The second reason we do not install tile this way is that you are essentially putting thousands of unnecessary holes in the waterproofing of your roof. A lot of roofing companies will entice the customer with a lower price in order to sell you a roof that is going to leak down the road. So make sure you use the Florida roofing professionals at  Embick Enterprises to get your tile roof installed the quality way.

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