Insurance companies play by their own rules, your house is not Grandfathered in! Insurance premiums are skyrocketing and many companies are forcing unknowing residence to upgrade their homes to current code with the threat of cancelation or extreme premium increases. We specialize in hurricane retro-fits strapping and gable end bracing. Most of the time these will result in a significant premium credit and most projects can pay for themselves in less than 2 years! Don’t assume your straps are sufficient! Be proactive and start saving money today!

Hurricane Straps, are they a necessity? Some would say it's really a dice roll every year with the way hurricanes are.  While we can try and predict the weather..we definitely can't control it..but we CAN BE READY FOR IT.

Let the pros at Embick Enterprises help you with wind mitigation by examining your home and giving you solid options on preparation and safety.

Hurricane straps are joints of galvanized steel that secure your roof to the walls of your home. There are a variety of styles of hurricane straps that are available to choose from to fit the particular type of construction of your home. Hurricane straps resist the natural structural movement of your home in major storms. Hurricane straps are versatile and can be attached to window sills, wall intersections, and upper and lower floor wall studs. When installed correctly, hurricane straps increase the strength of construction significantly. The benefits are so pronounced that hurricane straps are now considered essential or required by code officials and insurance companies.

This is an extremely solid way to strengthen the roof-to-wall connection as Metal hurricane clips provide a positive connection for tying the roof to the wall. The once-common practice of toe-nailing the trusses or rafters to the wall is not sufficient to hold a roof in place during high winds. Most older houses don't have hurricane clips, and it's hard to see if your home has them because of insulation in the attic. It’s very difficult to install hurricane clips in the attic of existing homes because of limited space where the roof meets the wall - and that's why you need a professional with experience.

Our repairs come with a warranty so you can rest assured that we stand behind our work. With several trucks on the road, we are quick to service our repair calls in order to give you the best service possible. Call today to set up a FREE estimate.

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