Cedar shakes give a home a uniquely warm and classic look. Cedar shakes are naturally beautiful and resistant to insects. They have a natural ability to resist rot and will allow for the roof to last. Cedar shakes are all unique and no two shakes are identical giving each house a character of its own.

Shakes are derived from sustainable forests and are 100% eco-friendly. When a shake roof is replaced the shakes will either break down naturally in a landfill or are oftentimes turned into wood chips for home use. Shake roofs are easily repaired and can last for a long time if they are properly maintained.

Shakes are naturally energy efficient. Cedar shakes will help you stay cool in the summer months by protecting you from the outside heat. The shakes insulate the roof keeping unwanted heat from accumulating. They are also very durable. Cedar shake roofs are able to withstand hurricane-force winds as well or better than more traditional roofing methods.


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